Adobe Air

Went to Adobe Air Camp in Brisbane today. This was interesting but I am concerned with the security of the system.

What I had hoped for was a very much sandboxed system that allowed little or no interactivity with the hosting computer. This may sound limiting, but lets face it, as soon as you start allowing calls to the host you run the risk of being in the same boat as ActiveX in IE. It was worrying when they were warning that you could do bad things with it if you felt so inclined!

Having said that it does offer some interesting functionality. I will be interested to see how it goes against Google Gears to be honest, but they are giving it a good go. In particular there seems to be quite a push into the mobile space, which will be interesting. At the moment I can’t see what the applications would possibly be that would require air rather than a direct connection, but you never know. Again it will probably be up against Android and the new ability of Opera to save pages if you so require.

Will I use it? Possibly, but probably a better question would be would I feel safe downloading Air apps and the unfortunate answer to that is no.

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