Apple iSlate – What I’d Like to See

I always thought that the slate format would be great for business meetings or studying. Here’s what I would like to see for business: –

If they do it right you could flick documents to colleagues arranged around a virtual table, finally making a paperless office, and pushing Macs into the office space.

If you tie that in with a virtual keyboard, iChat for those that can’t be there and speech recognition to take notes for you, that would make life easy at work, or for studying.

On top of that an e-book reader would again help in studying, making the iSlate an ideal PC for those studying coarses that are more arts based and have less emphasis on computing horsepower.

What would you like to see?

One thought on “Apple iSlate – What I’d Like to See”

  1. Absolutely agree with you on those points. Wouldn’t it be great though if it meant that a new Mac tablet wouldn’t necessarily be required for all users, you could incrementally replace existing Mac laptops with the tablet counterpart. It makes sense to me that you could flick it to any Mac in the vicinity that is set up to allow it.

    I’m probably dreaming on that, but it would be nice, very nice…

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