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  1. Or alternatively – use the CD that came with the watch that contains both System Restore (firmware restore and update) and Soft Restore programs (windows)

    1. Hey Phil it’s great to see you are happy with this watch. In my review I pointed out some but not all of the problems.

      I’ll just comment on a few of the points you raised.

      – Yes you are right that if you have access to a tray loading cd player yup can get to the files. Unfortunately I have 3 Macs, all of which are slot loading. I also do not like using others PC’s if I can help it as I don’t know what the cd contains, and would hate to infect someone elses machine.
      The fact is though there was no indication that a particular type of drive was required on the box, and the lack of printed instructions….

      – You may run parallels, but I don’t as many people would not. The fact remains that this is windows only and if it was really an mp4 player it would be cross platform. Again, there was no indication on the box that Windows was a requirement.

      – Your quote from wikipedia is true. MP4 is a common misnomer, but the definition of misnomer is “A misnomer is a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue.”

      – Lastly I have not bee able to use the conversion software as I’m a Mac house, so can’t really comment on it. What I can comment on is the difficulty finding a piece of Mac software to do this that is known to be malware free. If you have a look at previous comments you’ll see that other users have had issues too even when running PCs.

      So the good news is, you got this for a bargain price as I believe they are being pulled out of the market. We all paid about $100! Which I can tell you in my opinion is roughly $100 to much. My son has never liked it much and only used it a few times despite my attempts at hiding my frustration with it. Ours crashed continuously despite frequent rebuilds.

      I really hope your son loves yours and that you have a lot better experience than me, and the others who have commented previously. At the end of the day it is them that really decide if the product is any good!

  2. Phil, any chance of posting the CD contents somewhere? I too have had issues with getting other files to play on the watch but have long ago lost the CD. This would be a great unit if I can get something other than the stock videos onto it, the kids would love it

    1. Hey Brendan,

      You should find there is a link at the bottom of this post. Let me know if it’s gone down as it was posted on drop.io so I don’t know whether a time limit was set.

      1. Hey Brendan,
        You should find there is a link at the bottom of this post to the system files. Let me know if the link is down as it was posted on drop.io and I don’t know whether a time limit was set.

  3. Sorry Simon, I can’t see any links other than the one to the system files. I am looking specifically for the .smv converter supplied on the CD. Any help to recover this would be appreciated

  4. Hi Simon could you please let me know where the info from the CD for this watch is. I bought one of these watches ages ago and couldn’t access the CD. As there were no written instructions either. I had given up until I came across your review.

  5. Any ideas where to get more of these? Picked up from Target for $25 and it is great. Have to change videos to SMV but not difficult with the included software. The usb cable is actually attached to the wrist band. Not sure why the original poster had such troubles with it. Perhaps Mac user who is not too technically able?

    1. Hee hee, Mac users not technically able! That’s why we spend too much time trying to fix all our Windows brethren’s viruses, crashes, BSOD’s and the like!!

      Not sure where you can pick them up now. I paid $100 for ours, so to say they have gone down a bit is an understatement! My guess is that Target was getting rid after complaints and realising that the description on the packaging was probably against the law, and that’s why they had them so cheap. Probably your best bet would be to call around a few local Targets and see if you can pick another up from somewhere.

  6. Hi , i bought a watch for my son.. it was accidently dropped now no longer works. would you know of anywhere that would have a look at it as i cannot find a phone number on the box. Thanks

  7. Hi Simon,

    it is a great work that you do here for the lonely Ben 10 video watch owner ! I have just downloaded your archive and installed it. The watch works perfectly now. Thank you so much.

  8. Hi Simon
    My son deleted the episodes of ben 10 from his mp4 watch do u know where r how i can get more……?thank u so much

    1. Hey Amiebaby (I feel very odd calling you that!), sorry to have taken so long to reply. These were up on drop.io, but that site got taken over by Facebook and the area seems to have disappeared. I’m trying to find them again for you and will post a link as soon as I do.

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