Bodgy Firewall Workaround

I’m sure this isn’t exactly original but I thought I would mention it anyway.

I have just added a Dreamweaver plugin form2excel to one of my sites. This adds some PHP that collects form data as a Excel form and send you an email of the info every time the form is completed. This is a great time saver if you use Excel for analysis or as a mini database, as obviously there is no retyping.

However what we found was that the emails could not get through our corporate firewall as they are sent from the same address as they are going to. Obviously any reasonable firewall will spot this and stop it dead.

What we did as a workaround was to send it to gmail and have gmail automatically forward it to an address behind our firewall. The added bonuses are that we don’t need to open our firewall up, we have a backup of all enquiries, we get great spam filtering and the enquiries are much more searchable in gmail if we need to go back through them.

Next step is to use Google Spreadsheet API to just dump it in. Ahh digial nirvana!

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