Ask your bank for multifactor ID

If you don’t know about multifactor ID, it usually involves your account number and

  • Something you know – like your password
  • Something you own –  like  a security token

Verisign and Ebay have been distribution tokens for some time, with a total cost of a big $7.50. These generate a 6 digit number that changes every 30 seconds. The long and the short of it is that even key stroke loggers would only have 30 secs to get into your bank account before the number changes, and if you are already in it, presumably that would not be allowed. Unlike a password which can just be read, using this system would require you to be physically burgled, or a fishing scam that you were suckered into, to get your bank details.

ITNews is reporting that Verisign are trying to get this system into Australian banks. Lets put pressure on them from the consumers to help improve our security.

How to stop paying phone line rental

Has the announcement of NEC’s Broadband over Power Line product just signalled the end for telephone line rentals?

With companies such as iiNet, Primus and others, now offering “Naked DSL”, which is essentially broadband plus a VOIP phone account, overs Telstra’s copper cables, data over the powerline could be an attractive option.

Currently if you buy a naked DSL account, around $15 still goes to Telstra for rental of the copper cable to the house. However if the broadband connection could be made over power supplies, the same deal could be had, minus this line rental, saving both the consumer money, and the provider with the hassle of trying to get into a Telstra exchange.

I have to say, go for it NEC, I want your product!!!