Happy Easter

Hope you all have a great Easter. I am going to try to keep my hands off the eggs a bit tomorrow (I am writing this on Saturday night).To give you an update on tad.tw, handing out the cards in the city to commuters really didn’t have a significant effect on my stats. The mobile stuff is so tricky, as you can’t promote it as a traditional site, and there are very few avenues open. The next attack will be via traditional methods too. I am going to look at putting some press release in magazines and the paper, to see what that brings. I have also bought another domain brisbanetraintimes.com, which being international should help the organic page rankings, even though wouldn’t be that great for the user.btw – If you do have a look at tad and see the news and weather. I am also working on a way to get these more up to date. For some reason, even though I am using the same method the news comes through okay, but weather and TV are coming through sporadically or not at all.

Tad cards handed out in Brisbane

The cards for tad.tw got handed out yesterday. I am waiting with bated breath to see if anything happened to my stats.

I am also going to write press releases etc over this weekend and see if I can shoot them off to a few places so that hopefully it will get picked up.

Mobile marketing is pretty tricky. I am not sure how to approach the SEO or the traditional marketing side really. Standard websites are much easier!

Yahoo and the semantic web

Yahoo have just announced it will use semantic markup to check relevance of pages. I think this is a good move by Yahoo, but I’m not sure how it will allow competition with Google. Trouble is that it will require so much more markup, and we aren’t really sure what tags it will support yet.

Great news for microformats though.

My other site – tad.tw or www.brisbanetraintimes.com

I have just finished an update to my other site. tad.tw is a mobile phone site that gives all the Brisbane train times on a mobile phone, that can be operated by one hand as you are walking along. I have just added ABC TV times so that you can check the TV too as your commuting. Check out the news too. I actually like the single line versions! 


If you haven’t seen overlay.tv yet, take a look. You can overlay video off YouTube with info and embed it in your blog.

This is a great tool for all you marketers out there (like me). If you are looking at fashion brands you could video you shows then add tags so that people can just click on them and buy them online.

I’ll try to get one up in the next few days so you can see what I mean.

IE8 Activities Rant

I have just had a look at IE8 and how to implement activities. I was hoping for microformats or data detectors within IE8, but what do we get instead? Proprietary code that just looks like the start of the browser wars 2.0.

What are you think MS? On the one hand you finally develop a browser that looks like it is standard compliant, then you go and add in your own custom tags!!! When will you learn!!????