Is the role of marketing expanding?

The company I work for have had me working in marketing for some time (7 years or so), and we have traditionally marketed to our customers, potential customers, and to our internal clients in a more limited way. However in recent times we are being asked more and to market to the community in general.

This of coarse could be the sign of a growing company, but interesting the reason for our efforts are to recruit worker from local schools around Brisbane.

It seems strange to me, coming from a position where I left school in the 80’s, to have companies trying to recruit, rather than just ‘sticking a job in the paper’.

I guess this is a sign of the times, where skilled workers are very hard to find, and even harder to retain, but my feeling is why go after the school kids, who will always be like that. Why not chase mothers with school age kids? Offering them positions to fit in with dropping off and picking up seems like a sensible way to get and retain good staff.

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