My iiNet VOIP problems

Another rant I’m afraid. Maybe I should use appropriate tags


I have an iiNet VOIP account which I swapped to recently. I have spent about 2 months going from one tech support to another trying to convince them that I have set it up right and that something just wasn’t working. Eventually I spoke to Belkin the router manufacturer and they confirmed that it was just broken and gave me a ref number to quote iiNet.

Up until that point everything was fine but long winded, but today I phoned them up, was again asked to go through the same stuff, and told rather shortly that if the next router didn’t work I should go elsewhere! Not sure that is great customer service! Not only have I had a faulty router for 2 months, had to wait for hours on the phone in their queue, but I’m then basically told that it’s my fault!

End of rant


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