Redlands Flood Map

For all those in the Redlands like me, trying to get hold of a flood map. I’m struggling getting them off the council as the file is very large and their servers struggling.

Click here for a copy I put together that should load much faster.

I would appreciate anyone mirroring this for me too! Leave a comment below and I’ll send you the files.

Mirrors – look in top right corner

NOTE: This is a general flood map only. It does not show potential flooding from the current event. For latest information, please go to the councils official site at

Apology: Sorry for having to link to my commercial site. I couldn’t work out how to code an image map in WordPress!

2 thoughts on “Redlands Flood Map”

  1. Can’t view it from my iPad its too small. Can you tell me if benfer road Victoria point is likely to be affected plz

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday. I didn’t get a notification for some reason.

      Benfer road isn’t shown as an area prone to flooding on the map. Although it is quite close so presumably that would depend on levels.

      If you double tap the area on the iPad it should load a more detailed image btw. It is more tricky on the iPad, but does seem to work after a few goes.

      Hope you are going ok btw. Looks like we’ve seen the worst of it now thankfully.

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