Securing Airport from WPA Hack

I have just finished listening to the excellent SecurityNow podcast on the first WPA hack. Having heard some of the recommendations I went into my Airport Utility to try to set it to only use AES not TKIP encryption. Trouble is I didn’t get those options.

However what I did find is a setting which lets you change the WPA Group Key timeout. As the WPA hack requires a minimum of 12 minutes for the first intrusion, changing the WPA Group Key timeout to anything less than 12 minutes should prevent the hack from working.

The other bit I like about this is that it takes less than 30 seconds to do (not including resetting your Airport).

WPA Hack – Secure your Apple Airport

Adwords Australia Bans Apple trade name Keywords

Google in Australia has just banned companies from using Apple trade names in the body of their Google ads. This has been greated with a storm of protest, as how can a legitimate Apple certified retailer sell an iPod if they can’t call it that!

From what I have seen this would not stop these companies advertising against the Apple keyword, just from using Apple brand names in their ads. My feeling is that Apple is looking to defend is quality image and as you know Google ads that work usually imply some type of discount, such as “cheap Apple computers”, “Cheap iPods” etc. Apple are probably seeing this as undermining the quality of their products by marking them as cheap (they may also be defending their rrp)

I have to say I think they have probably done the only thing they could to remove the “cheap”, but it really hasn’t hit the mark. I have had this discussion with people at my work and they will not use the word “cheap” in relation to our products, preferring ‘cost effective’ or some such term which actually means nothing to anyone (cost effective iPod anyone?).

I would be interested in getting feedback on the term cheap. In my opinion if you apply it to a product that is of high quality, it simply infers a reduced price. What do you think?

Apple Tablet – The Time is Right

I was sat in a meeting last Friday, which was looking at a spreadsheet showing data, and going over a presentation that will be made this week.

There was a couple of things that I thought were interesting. I was using my iPod Touch to view the spreadsheet, and my colleagues were using printouts and scribbling on them. When we got onto the presentation 4 people were taking the same notes going over what should be said. You could argue that this wasn’t the most efficient way to conduct a meeting, but imagine this future.

We are sat around discussing the spreadsheet, and I am able to make changes on the fly on a tablet, which are then reflected in the others versions they are looking at on their screens. When we get to the second bit, everyone can write notes about the presentation and these are reflected on all the screens. One person taking notes and that person can change.

I guess you can probably do this now, but a small tablet, a bit bigger than an iPhone, would be a great form factor. Not too big to stop you bringing it to a meeting, not so small that it is hard to manipulate. Using fingers and being able to type on a screen based keyboard also gives you a lot of flexibility that a tablet system cannot. Sounds like a large iPhone to me!

Sharing could be similar to the iChat screen sharing facility. Easy to set up and powerful.

Now image that at $600, just the right price point for a company to buy all their employees. A paperless, environmentally friendly office at a relatively small intro price. Now image Apple finally in the corporate environment!