Bauhn / Aldi Hard Drive Docking Station Review

I bought one of these a few months ago, but they seem to repeatedly come up when Aldi’s are doing a tech special week.

The only thing I can say is DO NOT BUY!

They have a fundamental problem in that they don’t fit any hard drives! I have tried 6 different drives from 2.5″ laptop drives to 3.5″ full desktop drives and none of them fit!

The problem seems to be that the plastic casing gets in the way of the the drive mounting into the sockets. This doesn’t seem to be a tolerance error on this particular unit either as the case is locked into a base. I haven’t taken this all apart yet (as that looks like a nightmare of a job), but I really should not need to do that, and neither should you. Just don’t be fooled into buying it!

I also tried the After Sales Support telephone number on the bottom of the unit and that is unobtainable!

btw. This one is a Bauhn Product Number 1 photo 2