CSS text spacing, Internet Explorer and Dreamweaver templates

I have been setting up a site using a dreamweaver template to set areas of text that a client can edit. There were standard titles which I had put into the template and editable areas for copy between the titles.

To style and space the text I was adding into the css styling such as h2 + p then adding some padding. This worked great in firefox but when I came to test in internet explorer it completely broke.

After a bit of investigation it seems that the problem was the dreamweaver commenting that opened or closed the editable areas. The comment was coming between the h2 and p for example and ie was seeing them as not following each other. Firefox interpretes how you would expect of coarse and ignores the comment! Anyway take out the comments and ie works okay too.

This unfortunatel was the only way I could get the pages to work in ie and therefore broke the template.

This may also be of interest if you are adding commenting into your code and noticing copy spacing in ie is not right.