iPhone OS3.0 – A Good Upgrade for iPod Touch Owners

A quick post to let you know that I have been playing with the iPhone OS3.0 on my 1st Gen iPod Touch for the last 24 hours.

I got the update for copy and paste really, but there is a lot of other stuff in there that makes it well worth the price.

Search is great, it is fast, suggests what you may be looking for and you can refine your search as you need. I can’t really work this out. How come on the Windows XP machine I use at work a search takes about an hour, but on the iPod it is instantaneous? Go figure!

iPod Touch owners also missed out in the 2.1 upgrade, as one of the main features, maps with street view, for some reason didn’t make the cut for the iPod. Well it’s in this time, and I have to say it works very well.

As for stability, so far everything is very stable with no crashes or any significant problems I can see.

Apple Tablet – The Time is Right

I was sat in a meeting last Friday, which was looking at a spreadsheet showing data, and going over a presentation that will be made this week.

There was a couple of things that I thought were interesting. I was using my iPod Touch to view the spreadsheet, and my colleagues were using printouts and scribbling on them. When we got onto the presentation 4 people were taking the same notes going over what should be said. You could argue that this wasn’t the most efficient way to conduct a meeting, but imagine this future.

We are sat around discussing the spreadsheet, and I am able to make changes on the fly on a tablet, which are then reflected in the others versions they are looking at on their screens. When we get to the second bit, everyone can write notes about the presentation and these are reflected on all the screens. One person taking notes and that person can change.

I guess you can probably do this now, but a small tablet, a bit bigger than an iPhone, would be a great form factor. Not too big to stop you bringing it to a meeting, not so small that it is hard to manipulate. Using fingers and being able to type on a screen based keyboard also gives you a lot of flexibility that a tablet system cannot. Sounds like a large iPhone to me!

Sharing could be similar to the iChat screen sharing facility. Easy to set up and powerful.

Now image that at $600, just the right price point for a company to buy all their employees. A paperless, environmentally friendly office at a relatively small intro price. Now image Apple finally in the corporate environment!

Apples iPhone Plans in Australia

Going along the present coarse Apple is unlikely to reach it’s target of 10M iPhone sales in a year. To achieve that they need to add more countries likely to buy iPhones in numbers. Trouble is that there really isn’t any of these unless there is a 3G version. Lets face it, it had tanked in Europe a bit because of this, and the restrictive nature of the contract. My guess is that they are fixing both these issues before they roll out to other countries such as Australia.

I am not sure that the Canadian market is quite the same though. As I understand it Rogers is omnipotent over there, so maybe a wider ranging contract including multiple carriers may not be such an issue.