Animoto Update

For all of you who have been producing video in Animoto, they have just announced a commercial/business license for $249. A bargain I think! See for details.

Essentially though you get as many DVD quality videos as you want, you can resell if you are in that business, and branding is reduced to a small powered by Animoto.

Animoto update

Animoto have just updated their app to allow you to download a high RES mpeg4 and ISO (DVD) file. It costs $5 but is well worth it.

Resolution is doubled so will play well on a monitor and even scales to plasma or LCD screens.

We are using it to produce slick video which we play on digital photo frames in our office reception areas.

Only grumble is they still add the animoto logo and google checkout or paypal accounts are difficult in corporate environments.

Cool Videos Quickly

Discovered Animoto a while back for creating quick, cool video for presentations, the web etc.

This is a really great tool. All you need to do is upload photos, or select them directly from your flickr account, select some music, or upload your own, and it does the rest.

The amazing bit is that this is a TV like production. None of those static images or simple Ken Burns effects, this produces something that would look the part on the TV!

Have a look at the below for an example.

B&R Enclosures

If you haven’t seen yet, take a look. You can overlay video off YouTube with info and embed it in your blog.

This is a great tool for all you marketers out there (like me). If you are looking at fashion brands you could video you shows then add tags so that people can just click on them and buy them online.

I’ll try to get one up in the next few days so you can see what I mean.